Product Launches

We’re trusted by music software developers to announce their products to the world. Whether that means a simple press release delivered to the right inboxes, or orchestrating an entire campaign to maximize the impact, we’ve done it all before.

Rhodes MK8

As press agents for the recent launch of the MK8 electric piano, we got involved at an early stage to identify key channels and help craft the message. By working with particular websites and helping place exclusive content, the MK8 gained more coverage in the run-up to its launch than most instruments get when they enter the market. And with the collection of top-drawer YouTubers we've lined up to help promote the instrument, we're striking a lasting chord.

Entonal Studio

The world of microtonal music is actually something we've experienced before, so Entonal Studio – developed just a few miles from our office – came as a big coincidence. We drew up a comprehensive launch plan and marketing strategy for Entonal Studio, and were there to carry out video, press and web elements, as well as producing the manual for this highly specific plugin that bridges a vital gap for microtonal musicians.

Iconic V

Iconic Instruments have a mission to preserve the 20th century’s most significant musical instruments, and the Iconic V drum synth keeps the classic ‘hexagonal’ sounds alive for Kontakt and Kontakt Player. We came on board as an all-round partner to provide press relations, email marketing, social media, advertising and advice. This was our first step into the world of Kontakt instruments, as opposed to just VST and Audio Units plugins.

Martinic AX73

We created the launch strategy for this emulation of a semi-forgotton analogue Akai synth, and then followed it through by producing a collection of videos, a press release that spurred coverage, and launch materials including the website text. We also wrote the manual for the synth, which helped us to understand its full power, informing our tutorial videos along the way. The AX73 campaign is still ongoing, as we follow up with YouTube placements, email promotion and more.

Devious Machines Infiltrator

We launched this one-of-a-kind multieffects plugin by commissioning videos from influential music production YouTubers, and getting it in the hands of both critically and commercially successful producers and musicians. Alongside our press strategy and a host of videos, Infiltrator is fast becoming one of the most exciting plugin releases this year.


This plugin analyzes your audio and uses AI to determine a choice of sampled loops that would work with your song. Jamahook has to be heard to be believed, so we built a strategy to introduce the plugin through videos in different genres. Alongside these, a series of #quickmatch videos demonstrated how powerful Jamahook could be for producers in under a minute each.

UrsaDSP Boost

A forward-thinking dynamics plugin that's not ashamed to use lookahead. Boost is hard to describe, but we called it a "Pro maximizer with an upward focus". Boost's Focus control makes the plugin work like an upward compressor, making it a great option for mastering and creative duties. Boost has to be experienced to be understood, so its marketing strategy has focused on YouTube personalities and free demo downloads.

Emvoice One

We've launched every version of this innovative vocal synth since its first release in 2019. Emvoice wants to make vocal synthesis more mainstream, offering a smooth experience that professional musicians demand from modern music software. We've worked with Emvoice since before their first launch, guiding their website design and user journey, establishing an overall marketing strategy, and creating video trailers and tutorials.

Pitch Monster

Devious Machines' pitch shifter plugin does things very differently. With up to six octaves of pitch shifting, across three algorithms, and a resolution of 1 cent, there's a lot that Pitch Monster can do that no other plugin can match. Introducing these features to the world involved an advertising strategy, and working alongside connections we'd made on other plugin launches to spread the word.

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