Video Production

Videos can function as part of educational strategies, press and marketing campaigns, or to build a dedicated following and provide company content on a YouTube channel. We manage the process from storyboard and screencap to edit and export.

Launch Videos: Martinic AX73

This product launch saw us creating multiple videos for the AX73 plugin, including two tutorials (Basic and Advanced) and a Tips & Tricks video. We also edited the campaign's six Preset Playthrough videos and produced a 30-second trailer for the distribution service Xchange, as well as working on the plugin's launch in general.

Accusonus Get Inspired Videos

When the audio clean-up experts wanted to show off what their plugins can do, they asked us to create a series of use-case videos. With our professionally filmed video examples (before and after), the Get Inspired article showcase the company's ERA, FX Cellar and Music Cellar products in real contexts, and they look great too!

Tutorial: Pulsar 1178

Pulsar Audio's take on the Urei 1178 compressor stays true to the original unit but adds extra features. We explained them all in this video tutorial for the plugin, which has racked up over 10,000 views. In Pulsar 1178, you get two channels of FET-style compression, but these can be run in left/right or mid/side pairs; a saturation stage allows extra grit; there's comprehensive metering, and advanced sidechain options including EQ, lookahead and lookbehind.

Trailer: Jamahook

Jamahook is a hard piece of software to explain. We storyboarded a video that would help people understand how the software works and why they need it. After this, we generated in-DAW footage using the company's campaign song, and guided the process of creating the video so that our storyboard was followed. The result is a great-sounding explanation of how the Jamahook plugin works and what it can do.

Tutorial: Butch Vig Drums

This Native Instruments Play Series drum machine is a Kontakt instrument that uses acoustic drum samples and serious production values. Butch Vig himself curated the library of kits and the processing that goes into their sounds, but it was up to us to explain the controls and how to delve deeper into this powerful Kontakt drum machine.

Tutorials: Emvoice One

Educational content is a key part of our marketing work for Emvoice. If users know how to use the vocal synthesis software to the best of its abilities, their music will act as advertising. Our strategy was to offer concise tutorial videos that get the people from zero to competence in under five minutes.

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